Working Party

Volunteers Needed

Hi All

The club grounds and equipment are in need of some TLC

The list below gives a good idea of what needs doing but is by no means exhaustive.

  • Club boats to be cleaned and Fettled
  • Club boat storage area to be cleaned up, weeds, ivy etc….
  • Clean front of boathouse.
  • Clean front of clubhouse.
  • General litter pickup.
  • Complete fitting timber to new jetty. – Gary Coop leading this.
  • Cut back and shape hawthorn from front entrance.
  • Plant hawthorn whips where the latest car went through the hedge.
  • Reposition some hawthorn from wooded area to fenced area.
  • Clean fallen leaves and twigs etc… off the car park alongside the hedge.

Bring along Spades, shears, jet washes, petrol/battery hedge trimmers.


Give your time to suit your schedule.

Pease let me know by reply if you can make it, and what you will be bringing with you to give me an idea of Numbers for bacon butties and for job allocation.

Many thanks
Sean Ratcliffe