Boat Maintenance workshop by 1st Mark

Mark Hardy, from 1st Mark, was on hand for our workshop to demonstrate hull repair and polishing techniques – our commodore pre-prepared a sample last Sunday courtesy of a port-starboard incident with Bolton’s Andy Flitcroft – sorry Andy!!
Mark start the preparation, after repairing the hole the previous evening
Most of the gel-coating is done now, just backfilling the gunwale damage
Mark and Carrie were on hand to explain the array of polishes and cleaning fluids available from a chandler near you! They had pre-prepared an Optimist to demonstrate the benefits of cleaning, polishing and waxing.
All filled, smoothed, polished and fettled…..

Thanks to Mark and Carrie for a very educational evening, we all learn a lot of useful tips, and also some of our potential limitations!
Unit 10, Golborne Enterprise Park
01942 273372

Mark Hardy, from 1st Mark was on hand to demonstrate hull repairs and polishing techniques to help repair our commodore’s pre-prepared sample (courtesy of Andy Flitcroft)!!