LLSC Firsts at Bolton Junior Travellers



LLSC’s Madeleine Bristow and Lelia Peckham sailed their RS Feva XL to victory at the Bolton NW junior travellers on Sunday. LLSC members may have noticed and indeed heard Graham Bristow coaching daughter number three and crew over the last 12 months at Pennington Flash. He can’t have had too much confidence in his coaching ability as he never taught Madeleine how to make a winners speech! She was literally ‘speechless’ when the occasion arose. She quickly took charge though, grabbed all the prizes and passed the tiller to delegated the honour to her crew Lelia. Typical helm.


Jonny ‘not got too long in oppys left’  Latham appears to have terrified his oppysition into not turning up at travellers events. He coached the one other boat in the first race (and still won), raced them in the second race (and won) and in the final race the opposition retired so he waited half an hour just behind the finish line (and won). Confident dad Mark is rumoured to have offered £25 to anybody who beats Jonny in the oppy travellers this year. Archie, Harvey, Lewis, Bruno, Libby, Sian, Eloise and Ben Aynsley will be making a surprise return to the optimist travellers

Round Up

The winners were supported by LLSC sailors Libby, Noe, Ross and Lewis who all showed some top sailing in shifty and patchy force 1 to 3. There were a few embarrassing capsizes even from the best sailors in the 90 degree shifting gusts!

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