Club Bylaws


A full member shall have the full use of all the club facilities.
A family member, his/her partner and all their children under the age of eighteen shall have the full use of the entire club facilities subject only to rule 43.
A junior member shall have the full use of all the club facilities subject to rule 43.
A youth member shall have the full use of all the club facilities.
An honorary member shall have the full use of all the club facilities.
A country member shall have the full use of all the club facilities.
Group members shall have the full use of all the club facilities on such terms and at such times the committee shall from time to time determine for each individual group.
A non sailing member shall have the full use of the club-house facilities.
A temporary member shall have the full use of all the club facilities.
An associate member shall have use of all the club facilities.
NB. Club Rule 43 restricts the sale of intoxicating liquor to persons aged 18 or over.


No dogs may be brought into the club-house, except guide dogs.


Cars may only be parked in areas designated for such parking so as not to cause an obstruction to other cars or to the approaches to the club premises. Cars must not be driven on the runways. Only those cars authorised by the Management Committee will be permitted to park in the immediate surrounds of the clubhouse.


ALL MEMBERS, their guests and visitors shall wear a lifejacket conforming to BS EN ISO 12402-3:2006+A1:2010 (or previously issued equivalent standard) or a buoyancy aid whilst sailing or afloat on Pennington Flash. Wet suits do not meet the requirements of this byelaw. However, the use of personal buoyancy for competent, experienced windsurfers shall be a matter of personal choice. Junior members and children under the age of 18 shall, when windsurfing, wear a buoyancy aid or an appropriate harness providing buoyancy when afloat.


Every boat shall have adequate buoyancy to enable it to support itself and crew when submerged. Buoyancy shall conform and be tested in accordance with Class Rules where appropriate.


Any boat sailed by members, their guests or visitors must be insured against claims by third parties for a minimum of £2,000,000.


The classes of boat sailed in the Handicap and Development fleet shall be restricted to monohull dinghies under 21 feet LOA, and multihulls adapted for sailing by disabled people.


It is a condition of membership that members carry out their duties as OOD, assistant OOD or rescue assistant on the appointed day(s) as set out in the appropriate duty rota. Any member who is unable to fulfil his or her duty shall be responsible for arranging a suitable replacement.


Members must register all boats with the Honorary Membership Secretary before using them on the water. The payment of a membership fee with boat shall entitle those covered by the membership to one boat berth at the club and to launch/sail any number of other boats. Each boat on a berth must be securely tied down. The Management Committee reserves the right to move boats on the dinghy park when it is deemed necessary.


The permitted hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor are as follows: Monday to Friday, Sundays, Good Fridays and Christmas Day – as per District Licensing Hours; and the bar will be open at these hours or at such other hours as may be decided by the Committee subject to any restrictions imposed from time to time by the Licensing Justices.


In addition to the powers given to the Committee under Rule 17 and Rule 36 hereof, if at any time any fees payable to the club by any member or former member shall be three months or more in arrears and a vessel, the property of a member or former member, remains upon the club premises, the Committee may:
(a) Move the vessel to any other part of the club premises without being liable for any loss or damage to the vessel however caused.
(b) Give one months’ notice in writing to the member or former member at his last known address as shown in the club register and thereafter sell the vessel and deduct any monies due to the club (whether by way of arrears of subscription or annual payments, mooring, dinghy park fees or otherwise) from the proceeds of sale before accounting for the balance (if any) to the member or former member.
(c) Alternatively, if the vessel is unsaleable after giving notice in writing as aforesaid, dispose of the vessel in any manner the Committee may think fit and deem the cost of so doing and any arrears as aforesaid to be a debt owing to the club by the member or former member provided always that: Proper evidence is available to show that all reasonable steps have been taken to trace a member or former member and that when and if the vessel is sold the proceeds of sale (less any indebtedness by the member or former member to the club) shall be placed upon bank deposit and retained against the eventuality of a claim by the owner (where he be the said member or former member otherwise) for a period of six years.


It is the responsibility of the last member leaving the premises to ensure that the clubhouse, spar locker and main gates are securely locked.


It is not permitted for any club members or guests to personally charge any member or guest for sailing or sailing tuition on the water.


Outside club organised racing times the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions shall govern all boats.


When sailing on the water all boats/ boards must display the boat/board registration number on their sails. Boats/boards not having a registered number will be allocated a club number which must be displayed.


It shall be the sole responsibility of the members and their guests to decide at all times whether or not to sail on club water, whether the club provides a safety boat or not. The club reserves the right to cancel club racing without notice.


Members who are 65 years of age or over and have 10 years continuous membership of the Club (including Leigh S.C. and Lowton S.C.) shall be entitled to a discount from the annual subscription, the amount of the discount to be determined by the Management Committee. The discount from 1996 will be the difference between full and student membership subscriptions, that it will apply to full and family membership only and that to qualify the main named person that the membership applies to must be sixty or over before the 1st of January of the year to which the discount is to apply.


Launching trolleys or road trailers used for launching must be removed from the water on to dry land before sailing and not left in the water.


Life jackets or buoyancy aids will be worn at all times by children under the age of 14 when using or on the jetty. It is recommended that neither heavy footwear nor bare feet be allowed. It is recommended for safety reasons that boats tying up on the jetty lower sails.


Children under the age of 14 will not be carried on a safety boat when that boat is on safety boat duty.


The objective of the Management Committee of the Club is to ensure that the premises and activities of the Club are as safe as possible for both members and visitors. It is important to be aware that this is a members’ club with a management committee elected annually by the members. It follows therefore that each member has a duty and a responsibility to ensure that their own actions do not constitute a danger to themselves or others, and to bring to the attention of the Management Committee (or their nominees) any hazards or risks which could adversely affect health or safety and to ensure that the above objective can be achieved and maintained. Typical examples of members risks and hazards include tampering with electrical supplies, sailing on the water when the club is not manned, slipping, tripping over tie down stakes, fire, gas, water quality, and safety boat handling, all details of which are held in the Safety Policy Statement and Procedures manual, April 1996.


From November to March, inclusive, in any one year, a wet-suit or dry suit in good condition must be worn at all times when on the water. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safety of young persons under the age of 18 years and must make arrangements for their supervision at all times.