GBR-NZ VR Junior Racing is a close match up

Junior teams from Leigh & Lowton SC and Nelson Schools in the town of Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand went head to head on the Virtual Racing platform.  The event took place at 9.00am UK time and 8.00pm NZ time on Saturday 18th April.

The racing was in teams of 6, with two formats on the day – a team trophy based on the best 5 representatives from each team in each of the 5 races, and in parallel an individual series for the best 4 out of 5 races.

The New Zealand team get off the a flying start in this race!

The racing was exceptionally close throughout with New Zealand’s Kelian winning the individual trophy but GBR winning the team trophy 4-1, so honours largely even, and there is talk of a rematch already!

One of the team from each side has some technical issues but the VR has proved to be a great asset to the club during lockdown, the LLSC juniors racing every Friday evening since the start of April.

Leigh & Lowton GBR team take charge of the last race to win the team event 4-1

Team results:

GBR Leigh & Lowton         4        

NZ Nelson Schools            1        

Individual results:

1st       Kelian (NZ)   8 pts

2nd      Luis (NZ)       12 pts

3rd       Ben (GBR)    13 pts

4th       Tom (GBR)   16 pts

5th       John (GBR)   18 pts

A great way to spend a lockdown Saturday!!