Junior Update 2nd August

Lindsay and Will have compiled the following updates and links for our juniors and parents to mull over in the coming few weeks, it is very informative and well worth a good read – many thanks to both of you:

Training on Friday nights has now finished, but as mentioned last Friday, there is still lots happening over the rest of the year. As well as the usual sailing at LLSC on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, there are a series of other events planned.

Friday Night Racing
There is the opportunity for a parents led Friday racing series over the summer. It will need support from parents to ensure that there are RIB coxes plus OODs. The co-ordination will be via the Juniors Whatapps group – Ade and Michaela are kindly taking a lead on this, thank you. Richard has agreed to support the first session this Friday (03 August). This is not training, but an opportunity to practice sailing in a friendly environment with rib support.

LLSC Summer Camp 28 – 30 August 2018
A few spaces are still available https://webcollect.org.uk/llsc/event/2018-junior-summer-camp

LLSC Late Summer Trophy Day 02 September 2018
There will be a junior fleet and coaching will be available to support all those who have done Friday nights/ camps to participate.  BBQ planned afterwards.

There are three more North West Junior Traveller events for 2018, at Redesmere, Bolton, and Leigh and Lowton.
Saturday 01 September Redesmere SC
Saturday 13 October Bolton SC
Saturday 27 October Leigh and Lowton SC
We would especially encourage less experienced helms to attend the event at LLSC where there will be instructors/coaches to support them. Club boats can be booked in the usual way for the LLSC event. https://www.rya.org.uk/rya-regions/north-west/competition/Pages/junior-travellers-trophy.aspx

British Youth Sailing Regional Junior Championships North, Ullswater, 29- 30 September 2018
The event as a whole is a festival for all junior sailors, from those who are learning to sail in club boats, through to squad sailors in the Recognised Junior Classes. There will be three fleets: Championship Fleet, Coached Regatta Fleet and Fun OnBoard Fleet. Please enter at https://www.rya.org.uk/racing-events/2018-bys-regional-junior-championships-north/Pages/event-overview.aspx
The different fleets are explained at https://www.rya.org.uk/racing/youth-junior/squads/zone/Pages/zone-and-home-country-championships.aspx
There is the opportunity to use a LLSC boat for this event but support will be required to transport boats and equipment. Contact Will and Lindsay if you are interested willandlindsay@yahoo.com

LLSC Junior Start Racing Course 06-07 October 2018
This is a great opportunity for intermediates to develop their racing skills. Book at

Class Events
There are also lots of class specific events- details at
IOCA http://www.optimist.org.uk/ [Optimist]
RS Tera https://uk.rstera.org/ [Tera]
ITCA https://www.itca-gbr.co.uk/ [Topper]

Buying a boat
This is a key next step. Keep an eye on the club notice board, Apollo Duck https://sailingdinghies.apolloduck.co.uk/, ebay and relevant Facebook groups such as https://www.facebook.com/groups/479177399116062/ . For those less experienced, we are happy to support and help you in viewing boats.

Contact details
Finally, if you are not part of the Whatsapp Junior group- contact Carrie on 07891 536831. The LLSC Juniors instagram account is at llscjuniors. Key email addresses are Carrie Bridgeman cbridgeman@hotmail.co.uk; Will and Lindsay Welfare willandlindsay@yahoo.com; Dave Eccles dave.kdx@gmail.com; and Richard Catchpole catchusintheuk@sky.com


Lindsay and Will.